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Can't Stop, Won't Stop is a First Person, Action, Puzzle, Platformer made by Team AngleBit. Your job is to bring "nature" and "color" back to this PC generated world. You do this level by level. First comes color, than detail, and lastly shape. Can't Stop, Won't Stop uses soft textures and lowpoly models to make the game look more like clay than PC generated shapes. Have Fun and ENJOY!!


WASD and Mouse to move

Hold P to Pause

Hints and Bugs:

Hold P and RIGHT click to Leave screen and close Game.

No saves.

Only 2 levels are playable.

**1080p BUTTON NOT WORKING (But you could just maximize the Game screen)**

Install instructions

1. Unzip

2. Open Program (may need to install Stuff)

3. You May need to open it twice once installing Stuff is over


Can't Stop Won't Stop x64.zip 448 MB


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